Why Mulch?


Why choose mulching for your brush clearing and land clearing needs?

Mulching is an environmentally friendly way to harvest trees, clear brush and manage vegetation refuse. Brush and trees can be mulched down to ground level, which is useful in right of way clearance, tree and fence line clearing, fire and fuel break maintenance and water maintenance.

It is a fast line cutting solution for clearing pipelines and seismic lines, roadway clearing and clearing waterways and spillways. It is a safe and efficient solution for stabilizing and clearing highways and roads for new road preparation.

Municipalities readily use mulching for ROW (Right of Way) to improve intersection line of site. The agricultural sector uses mulching for clearing brush and trees along fence lines, pasture and range restoration, clearing crop land, yard site clean-up, re-growth and shelterbelt enhancement.

The forestry sector uses mechanical brushing to enhance habitats; and for fire suppression, fire breaks and re-seed areas.

For rejuvenation purposes, we'll mulch the tree line and leave it as stumps. This makes for extremely hearty, tenacious re-growth that is much bushier and much more resilient.

Maverick Construction has an extensive line of versatile high productions mulchers that are L.I.S. (low ground pressure). We have provided mulching services to various sized terrains in every imaginable condition all over Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and Manitoba.

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