For this Mulching Company Safety is Top Priority


Maverick Construction is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. Maverick employees are trained to ensure safety is a primary consideration in all that we do.

To achieve our goal of becoming an industry leader in safety performance, Maverick Construction ensures safe and healthy working conditions through:

Implementation and adherence to safe work procedures and policies focused on prevention

Project specific safety meetings

Monthly company safety meetings

Job Hazard Assessment (J.H.A.)

Regular safety training

Competent on-site supervision

Maverick Construction has had zero injuries and zero accidents to-date, making us one of the safest mulching companies in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and BC. 


Corporate Health & Safety Policy

At Maverick Construction Ltd safety is everyone's responsibility. Our goal is zero accidents.
Maverick Construction is committed to providing a safe, secure and accident free work site. The development of a positive safe work attitude and an awareness of the importance of safety are essential objectives on all Maverick Construction work sites.

Senior management recognizes the importance of safety and fully supports all policies and procedures contained within our safety program.

Every Maverick Construction employee is responsible for focusing on accident prevention. Employees are trained to assess worksites and tasks for potential hazards and report any unsafe conditions to a supervisor prior to commencing work. Once it is established that the work is safe, Maverick Construction employees ensure accident prevention is achieved by following safety procedures and the directions of supervisors.

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