Benefits of Mulching


Are you looking into starting a tree clearing or tree brushing project?

If so, you will want to learn more about Maverick Construction’s safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective mulching services for tree clearing and tree brushing in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Mulching can be used in a vast array of tree clearing or land clearing projects in several industries, including the: oil and gas, mining, agricultural, forestry, municipal, recreational, industrial, and construction sectors.  The benefits to choosing mulching for your tree clearing or land clearing needs include:

Improves underlying soil and ensures controlled growth

Produces a consistent finished product by leaving the soil surface enriched with shredded and composite material

Clears the land without destruction

Increases land value

Ensures low impact

Reduces fire hazard

Facilitates controlled habitat protection

Allows for a safe, cost effective solution to clearing land

Contains spread of disease

Leaves versatile textures (you choose, coarse or fine)

Mulching is environmentally sensitive. The Earth Management Association and the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) has documented that mulching respects the forest environment due to:

Excellent results in fragile land applications

Smooth surface results

Low ground pressure


The ability to leave select trees unharmed

No wildlife disruption

Maverick Construction has decades of experience providing tree clearing, brush clearing and mulching solutions all over Western Canada. To learn how Maverick Construction can help you achieve your land clearing goals within budget, please contact us today!

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